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Send Me To The Nations

It’s so easy to sing&pray, “send me to the nations, lead me along Your path Lord, let Your will be done” up until God does send us and we either don’t like the path, the time or the circumstances we’re sent under. Should the song not go somewhere along the lines of, “Here I am Lord, send me to the nations, I’ll go for you provided you’re willing to wait for me while I do what I want to do. Oh yes Lord I’ll go to the north and south for You just give me all the cash and resources I need. If it’s not too much to ask can I also please choose where You send me? While I’m still choosing, can I choose what Your purpose for my life is?” Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it but all too often that’s what we think and don’t want to utter it.
A few months ago I was presented with an opportunity to emigrate but still stay with the company I work for. I wasn’t keen because I had other plans. Nonetheless I prayed hard about it and finally left it it in God’s hands. I said, “God, if this is Your will for my life then I have no doubt that if this is Your will for my life then You will make it happen.” So in faith I put forward my application. Within a few weeks I received an email asking me to do my 1st video conference interview. As nervous as I was I apparently impressed the person who was interviewing me because they told me right there and then that I’d qualified for a 2nd interview with someone higher up. I thought,”Wow! God is at work here. So many people in this country more experienced than I am and they want me?”Second interview went off without a glitch and before long email came thru offering me the position. And that was the end of the happiness!!! Everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong! There wr problems with my passport, problems with my current bosses, then my new employers couldn’t issue me a visa the list just goes on. All these problems ended in a 3month delay which naturally I didn’t budget for. I carried on making preparations, I cancelled my medical aid, I moved out of my flat, I basically put a hold to my present life.

True to form, what happens within 10days of my medical aid lapsing? I get sick! What’s the worst of it is my employment contract has finally arrived after over 2months of waiting and one word sums up my response…DISAPPOINTED!!! Firstly I’l be getting paid less than what I’d be paid if I stayed. Secondly I’m expected to pay my own relocation costs and claim them from my new employer the month after I arrive. That wouldn’t be a problem if I came from a rich a family or if said relocation costs weren’t exactly 3months salary. True to God’s humor, there’s 3months left before I’m due to leave. So I guess if I don’t touch my salary for the next 3months, I sleep@the office,use no toiletries except the free soap in the ladies bathroom, drink the free coffee I shud be fine! So shud I have acted in disobedience? Do I pull out now that the odds are stacked up against me? Do I really want to be sent to do His work under these circumstances. Though I’l be honest, I’m not sure right now but my answer is leaning towards…YES!